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When Should I Get My Hernia Fixed?

If you have recently developed abdominal soreness and believe you have a hernia, there are a number of symptoms to watch out for. If you find yourself asking the question, “When should I get my hernia fixed?” the general answer is “as soon as possible.” Patrick Moore, MD, FACS can develop a sophisticated treatment plan that will repair the problem and allow you to return to normal life sooner than with traditional approaches. Here are the usual symptoms:

Bulges or lumps in the midsection or groin indicate that the intestines have begun to push their way through the abdominal wall. These bulges can occur anywhere on the abdominal wall, but most commonly occur in the groin or belly button. Most hernia surgeries can be performed on an elective basis, but painful hernias require emergency surgery.

Localized discomfort is likely to accompany the bulge. In most cases, sudden, rapid movements can make the pain worse. Individuals who have been diagnosed with a sports hernia will need to take it easy so that the condition does not grow worse, which could also increase the discomfort.

Dr. Moore is a board-certified surgeon that has been performing hernia surgeries for over 25 years. He can perform your hernia repair through small incisions (minimally invasive) which are less painful and require less narcotics after surgery. With a minimally invasive approach, you will be able to return to your normal activities sooner.

If you have recently been diagnosed with an abdominal wall or inguinal hernia and have been advised to have surgery, Dr. Moore can help. He can determine the course of action and set up a treatment time-line. Call 951-477-5700 today to schedule an appointment!