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The Best Way to Recover from Hernia Surgery

Hernia repairs are some of the most common surgeries, with around 1 million procedures performed yearly. Since this is not the type of condition that goes away on its own, the only way to fix it is by taking the surgical approach. Like any surgery, you may expect some side effects until your incisions heal.

While most patients can return to work in two to three weeks, it might take two months or more to fully recover from the procedure, depending on the extent of the surgery. It is important to take care of yourself during recovery while also trying to make it a quick and easy process. This blog will provide some insight into how to make the most of it.

What to Expect After Hernia Surgery

After you undergo hernia surgery and go home to recover, you will likely feel some pain in the incision area. It is recommended that you take a few days off, especially if your line of work involves labor. Your body is using plenty of resources to heal, so you might feel more tired and less energetic than usual.


The recovery symptoms may take a few weeks to go away completely, and you could feel some discomfort or a pulling sensation. This happens the most when you move. Bruising is also normal around the surgical incision and should go away within a few weeks.

Top Tips for Smooth Recovery

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure a smooth recovery:


1. Follow a Healthy Diet

Irregular bowel movements are common, especially after hernia surgery, and constipation is normal. That said, the pressure needed to perform when you “go” is the last thing you’ll want to subject your incisions to. To make matters easier, follow a healthy diet with plenty of liquids and fiber. A mild laxative can be helpful if you still have problems after the first few days.

2. Avoid Lifting Heavy Objects 

It is recommended that you avoid lifting anything within the first few days, as this can weaken the sutures. While there’s nothing wrong with lifting a cup of water or the usual objects, steer clear of the heavy ones (boxes, vacuums, children) within six weeks after the surgery. Refrain from lifting anything heavier than five kilograms, even if you feel better or like you can do it.

3. Care for the Incision

To promote fast healing, care for the incision as Dr. Moore recommends. If the incision was closed with tape strips, leave them until they fall off or reach the one-week mark. Staple closings should be removed in the office after one to two weeks. Keep the area clean to avoid an infection, but don’t use alcohol or peroxide. It actually slows healing since it triggers an inflammatory response.


4. Use the Abdominal Binder

You may feel like putting aside the abdominal binder because it’s more comfortable without it, but the effect is the opposite. In fact, the abdominal binder can keep the swelling under control and reduce post-operative pain. It also offers the muscles the support they need so you do not compromise the procedure with a sneeze.


5. Rest as Much as Possible

Above everything else, resting is the most important part of your hernia surgery recovery. Ideally, you should take about two weeks off from work, taking it easy. Get plenty of sleep in the first few days, but make sure to walk around the house now and again to promote circulation. If your workplace involves a lot of labor, you should take around three to four weeks off so you don’t compromise the results of your procedure.


Take Care of Yourself

Hernia surgery can significantly improve your quality of life and reduce health complications once healed. As long as you take the right steps, recovery can be very smooth. Contact Dr. Patrick Moore to schedule an appointment and learn more about hernia surgery!


For more information about hernia surgery and how to ensure a smooth recovery, you can contact Dr. Patrick Moore at 951-477-5700. He can offer you all the information that you need so that you can rest assured. Alternatively, you may fill out our online contact form, and we will get in touch with you within a short time.