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What Kind of Exercise Can Help After My Hernia Repair Surgery?

Yes! You’ve made it through your hernia repair surgery, now it’s time to recover. Let’s do this! Following all post-surgery instructions and timelines is something that should be done without question, and you will be given this information from Dr. Patrick Moore after your surgery. But, one of the most common questions that we get is, “Can I exercise?” We will take you through the best types of exercises to do after your hernia repair surgery that can help in your recovery process. Remember, besides light walking, more intense exercises should not be performed until you have been cleared by Dr. Moore, which is typically about two weeks after your repair.

Breathe Deeply

Although it may hurt during recovery, breathing deeply will help prevent infections in your lungs. If you take short, shallow breaths, the lungs do not expand completely, and phlegm and sputum can sit in the bottom of your lungs. A helpful tip is to hold a pillow or towel over your repair site while you consciously take a deep breath or cough to clear the lungs.

Walk Frequently & Move Your Legs

You should be taking short walks or even just walking around the house as much as you can handle immediately after surgery. This movement increases circulation, blood flow, and gut health, and it also prevents clotting. Additionally, walking helps to strengthen your muscles that may have become weak over time.

Strengthen Your Abdomen

Abdominal exercises, like pelvic exercises and core twists, will help you recover quicker and can also help to strengthen the muscles and keep the hernia from coming back. Nice, slow movements and multiple repetitions strengthen your core muscles, which ultimately helps to improve the health and strength of your entire body.

Listen to Your Body!

It is extremely important that you listen to your body. You can be so set on getting in shape or recovering quicker that sometimes you may make it worse. Taking it easy and resting when necessary will give your body time to heal and recover properly. It is OK if it takes a little bit longer than normal, as long as you are healthy and continue to recover the way you should, then that’s the best thing!

If you find that something may be a little bit off during your recovery, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Moore’s office.

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