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Ultimate Guide for Exercising During Winter Season

With winter coming closer and the weather becoming much colder, exercising may no longer seem like a very appealing activity. Jogging when it’s cold is probably the last thing you want to do. You may have kept to a good routine when it was warmer, but the prospect of winter makes you want to go through hibernation until spring comes around.


That being said, even if it is cold outside, it doesn’t mean that you need to stop exercising. You just need to change your routine a bit. Engaging in physical activities during winter can be very good for you, especially when your focus is on health and recovery. In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of exercising during winter and how to make things easier for you.

Benefits of Exercising During Winter

Exercise usually tends to take a backseat during winter, as your desire for physical activity is often outweighed by your wish to stay under the blankets. However, if you tend to be cold during winter, the added benefit of exercising is that it increases your body temperature, making you feel warmer.


Exercising can also boost your immune system, which is something you need during the cold months. With the sun in hiding, you do not get as much vitamin D in your system, and the cold also potentially lowers your immune response. Exercising lightly can make it easier to fight off infections and help your body heal, which can be beneficial if you have surgery. Exercise types such as yoga can also help you recover faster from procedures such as hernia repairs, improving your healing response.

Tips for Exercising During Winter

During wintertime, it may be rather difficult to do your workouts with all the cold air that you haven’t been used to. Here are a few tips to follow that can help you get through your routine:

  • Go for Layers

When exercising during cold weather, you may be tempted to wear your warmest, thickest clothing. However, you should keep in mind that at some point, you will start getting warmer. By wearing layers, you can protect yourself from overheating and sweating by adding or removing clothes until you are comfortable.

  • Join a Gym

If running outside in the cold weather seems impossible to do, you may want to consider getting a gym membership. Gyms have a controlled climate and a generally motivating atmosphere, which can keep you going even during the winter season. If you still have difficulties finding your workout motivation, you can consider getting a gym buddy. You may encourage each other enough to keep the activity going.

  • Consider Online Workouts

If you are not a fan of going to the gym, you can also work out at home. There are plenty of workout videos that give you full routines. You can choose anything from yoga to Pilates and different types of cardio. Many lifestyle influencers have chosen social media to broadcast their workouts, creating content for you to use as inspiration.

  • Monitor the Weather

Keeping a close eye on the weather forecast allows you to plan your weekly routine. When it’s too cold outside, you can stay indoors and do some online workouts, or create your own routine. When it’s cold but you can still go out, consider hitting the gym. When it’s a sunny winter day, get your cardio through a run. Checking the weather allows you to stay prepared and stick to your plans.

Final Thoughts

Exercising is a very important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regardless of the season that you are in. You can still get your workout during the cold months without feeling too much discomfort. Call Dr. Patrick Moore and set up an appointment for a safe and healthy routine.


For more information about how to keep active and healthy during winter, you can contact Dr. Patrick Moore, MD, at 951-477-5700. He can offer you all the information that you need at his practice in Murrieta.