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Top 3 Signs of Gallbladder Disease

The gallbladder is one of those organs that you can live with or live without. Isn’t it weird how that works?! And sometimes, when you are experiencing symptoms of gallbladder disease, the best thing to do is have it checked and then have it removed if necessary. But, the big question is how do you know if it’s your gallbladder? Let us tell you the top three signs of gallbladder disease so that you know what to look for and when to call Dr. Moore for a consultation.

Pain in the Mid-to-Upper Right Side of the Abdomen

Most people who have gallstones or gallbladder disease experience pain in their abdomen. It’s not normal stomach ache pain, it can be mild, moderate, or even excruciating pain that doesn’t go away. It often appears in the mid-to-upper right quadrant of the abdomen, and sometimes it can radiate toward the chest and even to the back. It can feel like a heavy, squeezing pain that just won’t go away.

Digestive Problems

Some men and women may feel like they have chronic gas or acid reflux throughout the day, especially after eating something that triggers the pain. During a gallbladder attack, some patients may even feel nauseous and vomit if the pain is that severe. Digestive problems are never fun, and combined with abdominal pain can make for a very uncomfortable few hours.

Unusual Stool

Increased bowel movements that seem to last longer than usual (for months) can be a sign of gallbladder disease. Individuals who have different colored urine or stool and diarrhea could be signs of a potential bile duct block. If you are noticing this when you go to the restroom, please reach out to schedule your consultation.  

Do Not Wait!

Even though gallbladder symptoms can come and go, it’s crucial that you go to Dr. Moore to get it looked at. During this appointment, he can confirm whether or not you have gallbladder disease, gallstones, or something else going on in your body that needs to be addressed. Do not wait, tending to your gallbladder and its problems may just be the best thing you’ve done. Most patients who have undergone gallbladder surgery enjoy a better quality of life because they aren’t worried about their stomach hurting or finding the closest restroom. They can enjoy the beautiful day and life ahead of them!  

For more information about gallbladder surgery, please contact Patrick Moore MD, FACS by calling 951-477-5700.