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The Basics About Hernias

Do you have a feeling that something may not be right inside your body? Maybe something hurts when you bend down to pick something up, or maybe you’re experiencing bulging or swelling that wasn’t there, or wasn’t noticeable, before. If this sounds like you, then you may have a hernia. Hernias can be big or small, and while some hernias require surgery right away, other hernia surgeries can be put off for months. If you suffer from a hernia, or think you might, please contact Dr. Patrick Moore MD, FACS. At your consultation with Dr. Moore, he can help determine if your hernia is in immediate need of repair, and if so, he can repair your hernia with the latest robotic technology available.


What Is a Hernia? 

A hernia is an internal organ that protrudes through the wall of what normally contains that organ. For example, if you have a tear in your muscle or tissue, and your intestine finds its way through that tear, a hernia forms. The most common location for hernias is the groin, but they can occur anywhere on the abdominal wall.


Type of Hernias

There are many different types of hernias. This is one of the reasons for scheduling a consultation as soon as you think you may have a hernia. It is important that you are evaluated by a medical professional so that a proper repair and treatment plan can be established. The most common types of hernias are:

  • Femoral (outer groin)
  • Inguinal (inner groin)
  • Incisional (resulting from an incision)
  • Umbilical (belly button)

What Can Cause a Hernia? 

Lifestyle choices and excess strain on the abdomen may cause hernias to form. Some specific causes of hernias include:

  • Excess weight
  • Smoking, which induces strong coughing
  • Pregnancy
  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Intense exercise
  • Genetics

As mentioned above, hernias can be left alone as long as there is no pain or obstruction. Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Moore is of the utmost importance if you suspect that you have a hernia. That way, he can determine whether or not hernia repair surgery is needed immediately. And with Dr. Moore’s robotic-assisted laparoscopic approach, your procedure will be quick and worry free so that you will leave feeling much better than when you went in.


For more information about hernia repairs, please contact Patrick Moore MD, FACS by calling 951-477-5700.