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Facts About Robotic Gallbladder Surgery In Murrieta

For anyone who has suffered pain from their gallbladder, being told that surgery is required can cause concern. However, if you are in need of gallbladder surgery in Murrieta, learning about the minimally invasive robotic gallbladder surgery techniques used by Dr. Moore should ease your anxiety. Read on to learn more about our facilities, personnel and techniques.

The small organ known as the gallbladder is intended to store the bile produced by the liver. As part of the digestive process, the organ releases bile into the small intestine to encourage the digestion of food. When the organ is not working correctly, it can become inflamed, or gallstones can form. This causes symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea or bloating.

There are two main types of surgical procedures to remove gallbladders. The first and more traditional method is to begin with a large open incision in the abdomen. The second type, which is what Dr. Moore offers, is much less invasive. Four small incisions are made in the abdomen through which a camera (laparoscope) and multiple small surgical instruments are inserted. The procedure leaves almost no visible scars, and reduces the hospital stay time and the recovery time significantly.

The latest technology for robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgical procedures uses Firefly technology. The high-definition camera shows the view inside the body, while the daVinci system translates the movements of the surgeon to the miniature instruments which remove the offending organ.

Robotic surgical procedures are also used for hernia repair and colon surgery. Patrick Moore MD, FACS has been improving the lives of patients in Temecula, South Riverside County, and North County San Diego for more than a decade. He has the most reliable and trusted professional robotic-assisted surgical practice in Murrieta. Call 951-477-5700 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Patrick Moore!