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How Can I Potentially Prevent Gallbladder Issues?

Living an active, healthy lifestyle can benefit you in many ways. It is good for your body, mind, and soul. But sometimes, the body has other plans. Gallbladder issues seem to affect mostly women, and they can come out of nowhere without warning. While we cannot completely stop any gallbladder issues from occurring, we can do all we can to prevent gallstones and gallbladder attacks by treating our bodies right.

Keep It Healthy

One of the biggest factors in gallbladder issues is your weight. Eating the right amount of fiber and good, healthy foods is crucial in the prevention of gallbladder problems. If you tend to eat pizza, macaroni and cheese, and soda all day every day, then you will most likely end up with some sort of gallbladder problem. Those types of foods are comforting and are unfortunately made up of sugars, carbs, and saturated fat. So, while they may taste good at the time of consumption, they will wreak havoc on your body as it tries to digest them.

However, consuming foods that are plant-based, such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, and fiber, can lower your risk of gallstone disease.

Gradually Change Your Diet

Changing your diet is something that is recommended if you feel like you are experiencing gallbladder pain. However, this needs to be a gradual change. “Crash dieting” is not something that should be done and may increase the levels of cholesterol in the bile, which could potentially lead to higher chances of developing cholesterol gallstones. Losing a pound or two a week over six months is ideal for patients who want to reach their goal weight. Eating healthily and exercising can help you reach your ideal body weight to potentially prevent gallbladder issues.

Continue Exercising

As we mentioned earlier, a healthy lifestyle is good for the body, mind, and soul. Exercising can really help with this part. Go out for a long jog in the morning before starting your day, or wind down with a nice evening stroll before or after dinner. These small acts can help clear your mind, get your blood circulating more, and keep you healthier in the end.

Proper hydration is also essential as it helps to flush out any not-so-good toxins in the body and keeps your skin healthy as well.

If you find yourself having gallbladder pain, please reach out to Dr. Patrick Moore’s office so that you can be evaluated for gallstones. We will perform an ultrasound to confirm and then get everything started for gallbladder removal surgery to get you on your way to feeling much better!

For more information about gallbladder surgery, please contact Patrick Moore MD, FACS by calling 951-477-5700.