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Minimally Invasive Hernia Repair In Murrieta Reduces Recovery Time

Many people today are finding that robotic surgery procedures are beneficial in several aspects. Some of these robotic-assisted surgical procedures include hernias, gallbladders, and colon surgery. Are you looking for a hernia repair in Murrieta? If so, I have the most trusted and reliable minimally invasive hernia repair options in Murrieta. I am a board certified general surgeon and perform minimally invasive hernia repair using Intuitive’s state-of-the-art Da Vinci Robotic system.

Robotic-assisted surgery offers several benefits. One of the most notable advantages is the reduced time for recovering from the procedure. Because the surgery involves small incisions, which can be easily covered with a small band-aid, the body has less area to need healing. Only one or two stitches may be necessary to close the wound after the procedure.

Scar tissue build-up is a common problem after many types of open abdominal or pelvic surgeries. In some cases, the sizable incision from an invasive procedure may take more time to heal and may be at higher risk of scar tissue, infection, and complications.

The high cost of health care in the United States is prohibitive for many people who suffer from conditions such as hernias. They may put off the hernia repair, simply because they cannot afford the expense. With conditions such as an abdominal hernia, putting off treatment can cause the condition to worsen and lead to emergency surgery or other unwelcome complications.

Robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery is available for several types of procedures where minute incisions allow for the device and instruments to be inserted. The operating field is viewed on-screen throughout the entire process. The precision of the surgery is another advantage. If you need more information about my areas of expertise, I am available. Call 951-477-5700 today to schedule a virtual consult or an in-person appointment at our new location, 25405 Hancock Avenue, Suite 217, Murrieta, CA 92562!