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How Minimally Invasive Hernia Repair In Murrieta, CA Can Greatly Improve Your Quality of Life

Hernias can be excruciating. Unfortunately, many surgical tactics for repairing these injuries can be just as daunting as the problems themselves. Are you looking for minimally invasive hernia repair in Murrieta, CA? Read on to find out how Dr. Patrick Moore can help you enjoy a shorter recovery time, less risk, and a faster return to good health and comfort.

Dr. Patrick Moore specializes in robotic surgery. As a top-rated breast cancer and gallbladder surgeon, he has the experience, skill, and technologies for streamlining and expediting treatments while ensuring superior results. Beyond minimizing risk, the advance and cutting-edge approach Dr. Patrick Moore uses is great for ensuring optimum levels of accuracy.

When you work with Dr. Patrick Moore, MD, FACS, you won’t have to worry about committing to an extended amount of downtime. Robotic-assisted surgery is designed to limit the incision area so that there is a lesser risk of scarring, a lesser risk of infection, and a lot less healing that the body has to do. You will have the benefit of three very tiny scars as opposed to one incredibly long one.

The patients served by Dr. Patrick Moore are able to return to work and their familial obligations in a shorter period of time when compared to patients who opt for more traditional surgical solutions. This means less time lost on building and sustaining your career, and less time lost with your loved ones. You can go back to work within just a matter of days or weeks, rather than having to wait a month or more.

If you are not an ideal candidate for invasive surgery but need to find a way to get relief, this could be the best solution to you. Leaving hernias untended for too long can result in serious, secondary problems and a lot more pain than most people are ready and able to deal with. The minimally invasive approach utilized by Dr. Patrick Moore limits the risk of uncontrolled bleeding and other complications. Moreover, Dr. Patrick Moore is also able to work with your general medical team to make sure that this process is as low in risk and stress as it can possibly be.

Stop living with the constant and potentially debilitating pain of your hernia. If you wait too long, you may soon find yourself dealing with bowel obstruction and many other uncomfortable issues. Call 951-566-9370 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Patrick Moore! I am ready to help get you back on the path to total health and wellness.