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Eat a Healthy Diet during the Holidays – Top Tips for Mindful Eating

The holiday season is coming closer, bringing along a gift that no one wants: the extra pounds associated with all of the delicious food. Whether you are on a weight loss diet or are trying to recover from a gallbladder procedure, the holiday season may not make things very easy for you. After all, wherever you go, people try to convince you to have “one more bite,” despite having lots of other hearty bites before that.


This overindulgence is one of the reasons why the average American gains around 5 pounds during the holidays. Still, there are a few ways to avoid that, without stopping yourself from enjoying the delicacies. Here are some tips to follow.

Benefits of Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Healthy eating during the holiday season can bring a variety of benefits. While you do not have to swear dessert off completely, there are benefits to moderation. The first is that it will keep your energy levels and mood up, as you will mostly consume the nutrients that your body needs. This will allow you to enjoy the holiday to the fullest, without being sick.

Visits to the ER often see a spike during the holiday season, and it’s not necessarily because of injury. Very often, this happens because patients overindulge in holiday favorites that they should be wary of. For instance, people on low-sodium diets may overindulge during Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, ending up with upset stomachs. By hanging onto a good diet, you can stay healthy while preventing the extra weight.

Tips to Eat Healthily During the Holidays

Everyone makes plans to eat healthy during the holidays, but when facing the food tables at the party, everything can seem like a losing battle. Here are some tips for you to win it:

  • Have a Healthy Snack Before a Party

Very often, you have holiday food cravings because you show up hungry at the event. Why eat before when there’s food there, right? This kind of thinking is exactly what causes people to overindulge during the holiday season. Something as simple as Greek yogurt can reduce your hunger and curb your cravings, allowing you to stay true to your diet.

  • Eat Smaller Meals

Sometimes, holiday food cannot be avoided. Saying no to a meal might offend your host, which is why you end up eating too much. Instead of eating three full courses throughout the day, try going for six smaller meals. This can help regulate the metabolism while keeping the blood sugar steady.

  • Load Up on Vegetables

The holiday table is often full of combinations of food, but there will always be sides of vegetables to put on your plate! To help you feel satiated, you may want to load up on vegetables first. Make sure your plate is half-stacked with fruit and non-starchy vegetables when available. If you are headed to a party, consider bringing a vegetable dish yourself. You’ll get away with it easily, as it is customary to bring a “gift” to the host.

  • Stay Hydrated With Water

One of the most common things people consume during holiday parties is bottled juices loaded with sugar. Sugar can raise blood pressure and stiffen your arteries, which can slow down the healing process of your body. Whether you are trying to recover from something such as a hernia surgery or just want to stay safe from heart disease, drinking water instead of fizzy juices (and alcohol!) can help keep you healthy.

The Bottom Line

The holiday season does not have to mean extra pounds or visits to the ER. It also does not mean you have to avoid the holiday food altogether. With a good plan and a little bit of self-control, you can enjoy everything the holidays have to offer without compromising your health.


For more information on healthy diets and how to stay in control during the holiday season, you can contact Dr. Patrick Moore at 951-477-5700. He may offer you all the advice that you need from his practice in Murrieta.