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Can You Live With a Hernia Without Surgery?

Hernias are abnormal protrusions that are more common than one may think. They occur in about 2 percent of the population, and some choose to have them surgically repaired. Fortunately, nowadays, you can easily go through laparoscopic hernia surgery, which is less invasive and makes the hernia much easier to address.,/p>

That being said, no one wants to commit to surgery. Even minor surgery has its risks, so it makes many people wonder: can a hernia heal without surgery? Should you go through with the procedure regardless, or do you have a shot at a normal life even without the surgery? Let’s find the answers in this article.

What Is a Hernia? 

Hernias are protrusions of organs (or organ parts) that happen because of a defect or a weakened soft tissue wall. This can lead to a hole forming in the wall, preventing it from fully enclosing your organs. As a result, parts of the organ can “slip” in areas where they are not supposed to be, causing discomfort. 

There are different types of hernias, depending on their location. You can have an inguinal hernia, which is the most common type and occurs near your groin. Hiatal and umbilical hernias are also very common and are often fixed with hiatal or umbilical hernia surgery. A consultation with Dr. Moore will help you find out which type of hernia you are dealing with so that you know what treatment you need.

What Happens to an Untreated Hernia?

If the hernia is relatively small and does not protrude much out of its place, you can live your whole life without having it surgically fixed. However, you need to remember that when you have a hernia, you’re dealing with a hole in your abdominal wall. As a result, the intestines, or other tissue from inside your body, can push out through that hole. This is very common with inguinal and umbilical hernias in particular. 

When the intestines or tissue push out of that hole, you can often push them back gently. However, in certain circumstances, they can become stuck, leading to intestinal obstruction. The more it stays that way, the higher the risk for hernia strangulation can be. This can lead to some very serious complications and illnesses, sometimes even death.

How Do You Decide If Hernia Surgery Is Necessary?

So, can you live with a hernia without surgery? Under the right circumstances, yes, you can. You can live a relatively normal life with a hernia, even without having to go through surgery. You just need to take the necessary steps to keep it under wraps. This includes keeping your weight under control, avoiding heavy lifting, and wearing a hernia truss or belt.

However, there are certain circumstances when you may want to considerhernia repair surgery:

  • If your hernia is becoming larger
  • If you are experiencing intermittent pain or discomfort
  • If you had any emergencies related to the hernia that causes you pain
  • If the risks of hernia complications are causing too much anxiety

While a hernia can be relatively contained, it will not go away on its own unless you opt for surgery. Dr. Moore usually recommends surgery so that you can avoid hernia strangulation, which can prove potentially fatal. It occurs in about 10 percent of inguinal hernias, and it can be prevented through inguinal hernia surgery. 

The Bottom Line

In the end, yes, it is possible to live with a hernia, even without getting surgery. As long as this issue does not cause major discomfort or pain, certain lifestyle changes can make things more comfortable. However, if it is causing pain or obstruction when you move, you must have your hernia fixed. Call now to get an appointment and find out everything you need to know about your hernia!

For more information about life with a hernia and potential treatment, you can contact Dr. Patrick Moore at 951-477-5700. He would be more than happy to be of assistance.