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Benefits Of A Robotic Surgeon In Murrieta

If you have recently discovered that surgery is necessary for your medical condition, you’ll want to find a trusted professional who is skilled and experienced in the field. When searching for a robotic surgeon in Murrieta, Dr. Patrick Moore can help. During the initial consultation, he will walk you through the process and develop a viable treatment plan in the days and weeks ahead.

Dr. Moore is a skilled gallbladder removal surgeon in Murrieta who will provide you with a checklist of what can be expected before, during, and after the operation. This particular surgery is considered relatively routine and can relieve quite a bit of discomfort for people who have had long-standing abdominal issues. Four small incisions are made on the abdomen and are used as entry points to remove the gallbladder.

Many individuals have the gallbladder removed because of bloating, nausea, and even vomiting. In especially severe cases, the discomfort may extend from the abdomen all the way to the shoulder and back. Dr. Moore’s goal is to remove the irritation so that your quality of life can be significantly improved.

The advantages of Robotic surgery are improved visualization and precise movements of the instruments skillfully guided by Dr. Moore. Robotic surgery utilizes a small three-dimensional camera, which can be inserted through one of the incisions. The entire surgery can be completed through these tiny incisions. This allows Dr. Moore to avoid larger painful incisions that require a longer recovery time for the patient.

Dr. Moore also specializes in hernia repair and breast cancer treatment. Hernia repair, which is often needed because of intensive sports activity, can progress in the same way. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, he can develop a thorough medical plan of action. He is also part of a much larger multidisciplinary team that treats breast cancer.

Dr. Moore will decide if you are a candidate for robotic-assisted surgery when you visit the clinic. During the preliminary consultation, Dr. Moore will review your medical history and records from your general practitioner. Post-op instructions are easily available on his website, which are important to review for the long-term success of any procedure.

Do you need surgery in Murrieta? Dr. Patrick Moore is dedicated to developing a step-by-step care plan that will be key to your ultimate success. He is the most reliable robotic surgeon in the field and can perform a wide array of procedures, from hernia repairs to breast cancer surgery to gallbladder removal. Call 951-477-5700 for more information and to schedule an appointment as soon as possible!